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CTC Therapeutic Play and Learn Group
02/05/2024 06:00 PM - 03/04/2024 07:15 PM ET


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DSAWM Playroom
160 68th St SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49548
United States of America


Join DSAWM and our friends at CTC for a fun playgroup! (Ages 0-5)
Waiver Statement:

Programming Code of Conduct

Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM) programming is meant to be a safe space and positive experience for all attendees, volunteers, and staff involved. To maintain these expectations with all participants we are including a code of conduct in all event registrations that will need to be reviewed and signed by all programming attendees and volunteers. Failure to adhere to the code of conduct will result in being removed from the session of the program and repeated failures (three strikes) will result in removal from programming entirely.

1. I will remain positive and upbeat while attending programming, if I feel I cannot maintain a positive attitude I will excuse myself to a location where I can collect myself or leave programming altogether to maintain a positive experience for the group.

2. I will follow instructions from the programming staff to maintain my safety and the safety of others around me. If I am having a difficult time following instructions, I will ask the programming staff for more clarification.

3. I will use kind words and calm voices when interacting with members, attendees, and the programming staff. If I am having a conflict with another attendee, I will notify the programming staff so that the issue may be mediated quickly and calmly. If the issue cannot be resolved, I may be asked to leave the current programming session to maintain a positive experience for the group.

4. I will remember to adjust expectations of others’ conduct based on their disability(ties) whether apparent or not. I understand that as an attendee of the programming for DSAWM that I will encounter others who have disabilities that may affect their cognition, understanding, and recognition of what may be appropriate conduct. I will be sure to adjust my expectations to the best of my ability to maintain a positive experience for those I interact with and those around me.

5. I understand that any fighting, yelling, or aggressive behavior will result in immediate removal from the program I am attending. Three such incidents will result in removal from all DSAWM programming.

The DSAWM Programming Code of Conduct is applicable to all participating and non-participating attendees, staff, and volunteers. Attendees are defined here as DSAWM members, non-members, parents, caregivers, and guest.

By attending this DSAWM program, you are indicating that you understand and will to adhere to these guidelines.

Please indicate below that you will agree to follow the DSAWM Programming Code of Conduct.

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